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B Complex

$ 14.35 VAT included

Thiamine contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system.



$ 27.92 VAT included

Food supplement containing Vitamins, Minerals and MSM. Copper and Vitamin C formulated for hair health, skin and nails and for the protection of cells from oxidative stress. SUITABLE FOR VEGAN. GLUTEN FREE.


Cellulite Resolve

$ 31.65 VAT included

Food supplement based on Centella and Bromelain from pineapple stem extract, formulated for cellulite and heavy legs. Glutenfree and Vegan. 100% Made in ITALY.


Cheratin Plex

$ 12.09 VAT included

Supplement with the ideal mix of amino acids, vitamins and minerals designed to fight anemia, for the welfare of hair and nails skin. Indicated for osteoporosis and as a support to the circulatory system.



$ 33.91 VAT included

Nutritional supplement formulated to provide nutrients involved in collagen formation. It helps to give the skin firmness and elasticity.



$ 17.18 VAT included


Useful to the natural balance of the body weight and the physiological drainage of fluids is ideal against cellulite.


é-Pelle New

$ 13.11 VAT included


It gives comfort to the skin of impurities protecting and improving color and vitality.



$ 31.08 VAT included

Single-dose cream female intimate spa, with L. acidophilus, rose essential oil and garlic extract.