Bioherbalogic During Workout
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During Workout



$ 2.05 VAT included

Carbohydrate energy bars Fruity.


Carbo+ Fruit Energy

$ 2.05 VAT included

Energy bars made of dried fruit.



$ 30.41 VAT included

Increases performance during physical exercises short, intense and repeated.

Gluten Free


Grain Power

$ 1.14 VAT included

Energy bar cereal, not coated.



$ 2.16 VAT included

Dietary supplement of carbohydrates with vitamin B6, L-carnitine, beta-alanine and taurine.


Liquid Carbo+ 500cc

$ 13.33 VAT included

Simple and complex carbohydrates for quick absorption.


Liquid Carbo+ flash

$ 1.71 VAT included

Instant energy. It reduces fatigue and improves perceived performance.


Liso Casein

$ 27.34 VAT included

Caseins hydrolysed milk (PeptoPro®) with added vitamins.



$ 2.16 VAT included

Soft energy bar with almonds.
Gluten free.