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$ 20.21 VAT included

The Siberian ginseng is useful for its tonic action and adaptogenic.



$ 4.49 VAT included

Finger high protein content (40%, only milk proteins). For growth, the maintenance of muscle mass and recovery.



$ 30.32 VAT included

Supplement based on conjugated linoleic acid (mixture of essential fatty acids of the series Omega-6)



$ 11.84 VAT included

$ 14.80

Useful in assisting carbohydrate metabolism and control the sense of hunger.



$ 32.56 VAT included

Food supplement based on extracts of leaves of green tea, extract of seeds of green coffee and bromelain from pineapple stem extract, Chromium and Carnitine. Antioxidant, supports the balance of the body weight, the drainage of fluids. SUITABLE FOR VEGAN, GLUTEN


Klamath Green Blue

$ 43.79 VAT included


It helps to maintain a normal mood.


Lipocell plus

$ 48.28 VAT included

Fish oils are a rich source of essential fatty acids of the Omega-3 series. Essential fatty acids are an integral part of the diet, which are essential for the normal development of the brain and nervous system and for maintaining healthy vision.