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$ 12.11 VAT included

$ 16.15

 Antioxidant properties, ernollienti, moisturizing, antiseptic and aids of physiological functions


Aloe Pomegranate

$ 12.11 VAT included

$ 16.15

It helps counter oxidative stress and therefore the action of cellular aging by free radicals



$ 15.77 VAT included

$ 19.71

Soothing and support the physiological function of the microcirculation gives welfare and relief to the legs


é-Pelle New

$ 12.92 VAT included

$ 16.15

It gives comfort to the skin of impurities protecting and improving color and vitality.



$ 3.68 VAT included

Magnesium liquid is quickly absorbed. Gluten Free.



$ 22.27 VAT included

Natural pure vegetable glycerol (> 99%).



$ 20.87 VAT included

Food supplement made from plant extracts, indicated to promote the liquefaction of bronchial secretions and the welfare of the upper respiratory tract.


Lipocell plus

$ 47.89 VAT included

Fish oils are a rich source of essential fatty acids of the Omega-3 series. Essential fatty acids are an integral part of the diet, which are essential for the normal development of the brain and nervous system and for maintaining healthy vision.