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Supplements for Wellness

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Cheratin Plex

$ 11.94 VAT included

Supplement with the ideal mix of amino acids, vitamins and minerals designed to fight anemia, for the welfare of hair and nails skin. Indicated for osteoporosis and as a support to the circulatory system.



$ 30.13 VAT included

Supplement based on conjugated linoleic acid (mixture of essential fatty acids of the series Omega-6)



$ 33.47 VAT included

Nutritional supplement formulated to provide nutrients involved in collagen formation. It helps to give the skin firmness and elasticity.



$ 15.80 VAT included

$ 19.75

Soothing and support the physiological function of the microcirculation gives welfare and relief to the legs


é-Pelle New

$ 12.94 VAT included

$ 16.18

It gives comfort to the skin of impurities protecting and improving color and vitality.



$ 32.36 VAT included

Food supplement based on extracts of leaves of green tea, extract of seeds of green coffee and bromelain from pineapple stem extract, Chromium and Carnitine. Antioxidant, supports the balance of the body weight, the drainage of fluids. SUITABLE FOR VEGAN, GLUTEN


Lipoic Acid

$ 18.97 VAT included

Antioxidant. It reduces blood sugar levels.


Magnesium Premium

$ 13.95 VAT included


Nutritional supplement in powder-based magnesium carbonate.

contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system.