Bioherbalogic cycling
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Antiradical Mix+

$ 20.70 VAT included

Mix of vitamins and minerals to contrast free radicals. In support of the functionality of the organism. With Astaxanthin.


Salts +

$ 14.37 VAT included

Maltodextrin and minerals in order to have energy during endurance exercise.


Salts + Performance

$ 19.43 VAT included

Carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral salts, amino acids, caffeine and carnitine in support of endurance performance.


Salts + Pocket Minerals

$ 35.30 VAT included

Fructose, maltodextrin, and minerals for energy during exercise.



$ 44.84 VAT included

Essential and semi-essential amino acids, of the purest quality, for muscle recovery.


Top egg 1000 proteins & vitamins

$ 18.28 VAT included

Proteins of egg, with added vitamins for the maintenance of muscle mass.


Whey Protein 90

$ 17.25 VAT included

Whey protein ultrafiltered to 90%, with added vitamins. With Stevia. Gluten free.