Bioherbalogic Cosmetics with Dead Sea salt

Cosmetics with Dead Sea salt

The Dead Sea

And 'it considered the world's oldest spa, historically known for its extensive healing powers, to assist effectively in the treatment of acne, psoriasis and many other skin diseases.
Rich alga Dunaliella Salina, the great antioxidant power and beta-carotene stimulates skin regeneration and helps protect the skin from harmful free radicals, giving a healthy and radiant complexion.
With over 35 different minerals, the Dead Sea is beneficial to health and is scientifically proven that the essential minerals being made in it improves the complexion by helping to keep your skin visibly firmer and smoother.

Natural ingredients

Nature for your beauty. The Aqua Mineral products contain a variety of natural ingredients, selected and combined after intensive research.
These include:
Borage Oil - a natural oil that restores natural moisture and softness of the skin.
Oil, wheat germ seeds - helps to calm irritations and chapped skin and is known for its antioxidant properties.
Avocado oil - has regenerating and soothing properties.
Evening primrose oil - to regenerate stressed skin.
Calendula oil - helpful in reducing inflammation, small cracks and as an antiseptic.
Chamomile Extract - acts as an anti-inflammatory, providing immediate relief in case of infections, acne and redness.
Rosehip Oil - calming, invigorating, soothing and healing.
Shea Butter - a real barrier that helps to maintain and restore the skin's hydration.
Vitamin E - provides antioxidant protection against the elements.
Vitamin C - has excellent therapeutic properties.
Grape seed oil - helps to tone and firm the skin.
Essence of green tea - an effective antioxidant in achieving well-being.
Aloe Vera - has refreshing and emollient properties and can help calm redness.
Jojoba oil - helps to reduce wrinkles, contributes to the growth of new skin cells, moisturizes and soothes dry skin.
Argan Oil - effective in reducing the first signs of aging, rich in vitamin E, nourishes, moisturizes and reduces small skin imperfections.

Innovative molecules

Renovage ™
result of extensive research, Renovage ™ is a patented technology, used in cosmetics to effectively combat the signs of aging, improve texture and complexion.
Rebalancing cellular functions and cell life, this unique ingredient provides visible results after just one month of use: reduction of wrinkles and expression lines, reducing 'irritations and small defects in pigmentation. Moisturize the skin deeply, also fighting sun damage.
Renovage ™ evens the complexion, gives a smoother, firmer and naturally bright.

Resistem ™
Developed by renowned scientific laboratories, Resistem ™ is an adjunct of the skin's natural defense system, it stimulates the self-healing skin, helps to reduce blemishes and gives the skin a new light. Stimulating the life of cells and promoting cellular regeneration, Resistem ™ helps to reduce the annoying signs of aging and purifies the skin.

Tightenex ™
Studied in order to effectively counteract the aging of the facial skin, Tightenex ™ combines high-quality ingredients, in a perfect synergistic formula.
And 'scientifically demonstrated that already a few minutes after application, the pella is more smooth and compact. Highly moisturizing, Tightenex ™ makes, right from the first applications, the skin firmer, smooth and supple.