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Bioherbalogic is a virtual shop that proposes top quality food supplements and natural cosmetics products.Our "Logically Natural" slogan is an invitation to take care of your body with organic, natural and no chemicals.
Bioherbalogic prefers Made-in-Italy products to define the true origin and quality of the raw materials that make up the product.



Magnesium Premium

$ 14.13 VAT included


Nutritional supplement in powder-based magnesium carbonate.

contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system.




$ 17.19 VAT included


Useful to the natural balance of the body weight and the physiological drainage of fluids is ideal against cellulite.



é-Pelle New

$ 13.12 VAT included


It gives comfort to the skin of impurities protecting and improving color and vitality.




$ 16.01 VAT included


Soothing and support the physiological function of the microcirculation gives welfare and relief to the legs



é-Total Depure

$ 20.97 VAT included


Useful for the physiological purifying function of the body and the natural digestive process