Bioherbalogic Antiradical Mix+

Antiradical Mix+

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60 capsules

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Vitamins and Minerals

Antiradical + Mix is a mixture of active ingredients that perform many functions antioxidants, aimed at protecting cells from oxidative stress.

Oxidation is a chemical process in which we are constantly exposed. Much of oxidative stress from outside (pollution, smoke, tobacco, alcohol, exposure to chemical agents), but a portion also comes from our body, especially after exercise.

We speak, therefore, of oxidative stress when the production of oxidizing substances (such as free radicals) exceeds the body's ability to blot.

Free radicals are responsible for cellular aging both at epidermal level (with the signs of aging) at both the internal organs contributing to the onset or progression of degenerative diseases.

Antiradical Mix + contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system (Vitamin C, selenium, zinc), plays a role in the metabolism of nutrients (Zinc and Vitamin C), in particular of fatty acids (zinc), footed fins and reduces the symptoms caused by tiredness and fatigue ( C vitamin).

In order to strengthen the antioxidant dell'Antiradical Mix +, in the new wording has been added astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant that can neutralize, as evidenced by numerous studies, free radicals in a more effective way than has been observed in other molecules, this because of its peculiar chemical structure.

Dosage: 2 or 3 capsules on training days, after the effort. 1-2 capsules at breakfast on rest days.

Packaging: Bottle of 60 capsules.

Ingredients: Corn starch, red vine (Vitis vinifera goes. Tinctoria, dry extract from leaves, 5% min. In polyphenols / bioflavonoids), Gelatin (housing), Vitamin C, zinc gluconate, selenium enriched yeast, Vitamin E, Beta carotene, Anti-caking agents: magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, Astaxanthin.

Average intake per serving (2 capsules)

Vitamin C: 180 mg (225% VNR)

Vitamin E: 20 mg (166% VNR)

Beta-carotene: 4.8 mg (96% VNR)

Selenium: 55 mcg (100% VNR)

Zinc: 10 mg (100% VNR)

Polyphenols:> = 10 mg

Astaxanthin: 2 mg

* VNR: nutritional value of the daily reference

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