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The British company BioCare was selected because of its recognized scientific validity in the field of biological sciences and nutrition. It 'a British company, based in Birmingham, scientifically based and staffed by qualified and experienced in the field of life sciences and nutrition. Are used exclusively pure raw materials and high quality. The BioCare carefully avoids the addition of artificial dyes, sweeteners and flavorings and has great care to exclude the most common allergens. The purpose of BioCare is precisely to produce supplements that can support from the nutritional point of view people suffering from "diseases" also is particularly serious where compromise the absorption of nutrients availing Technologies unique and extremely innovative. For example, the BioCare prefer to present their products in the form of capsules, thus reducing as much as possible the use of non-active ingredients and thus providing the optimal solution for individuals allergic or intolerant that need to avoid additives. The production of the tablets, in fact, provides for a greater use of excipients, as well as filters, fixers, support elements, clamping, etc. The "punch" of the tablets can also generate heat, greatly altering the nutritional elements present.


EFA MicroCell

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It acts favorably on the integrity and function of cell membranes