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Erba Logica

The philosophy Grass Logic is simple, consider a few rules and observe them consistently
throughout the production process. The following characteristics of any of our products.

BIOLOGICAL. The products are obtained from cultivated herbs, harvested, dried and packaged
following the guidelines of organic farming. The organization that certifies Grass Logic is ICEA
and our operator code is I1131. E 'can control this information on the site

ECO FRIENDLY. For confezioi choose simple materials, often recycled and through
a skilled manual work transform them into captivating articles intended to contain the
Our herbal teas, which exhausted their task can in turn be recycled.

DID EVERYTHING TO US. This concept is what is called short chain, when a
product is obtained with the highest number of productive steps performed within the
the same company which then sells it to an end.

HANDMADE. All operations of the production line are carried out manually and
This characterizes our product as agroartigianale.
The herbs are harvested by hand and after being dried, are crushed
still by hand, gently, thus maintaining unchanged their properties. the manual
It ends with the packaging.

Grass logic resides in the low Monferrato, in the north of Asti. The territory, once suited
for grape growing, now attends a differentiation of agricultural production and
our company is one of the new realities.
The medicinal herbs have proven absolutely compatible with the characteristics
soil and climate of the area, clay, limestone and watered by a few summer rains.