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The JĀSÖN® Story


While the big companies mixed new chemicals to create:

  • Perfumed skin creams that promised miracle results
  • Petroleum hair gunk for that swell greaser look
  • Shellacking hairspray for helmeted ladies’ hairdos

A group of independent thinkers drew upon the pioneering spirit that was so much a part of their California heritage and set out on a road of rediscovery. Theirs was a path back to simple, wholesome ingredients proven safer and proven to work together in naturally effective ways.

And so the JĀSÖN® (which means "healer" in Greek) brand was born.

Wholesome ingredients were rounded up…
Like Apricot Oil and Wheat Protein for an aromatic shampoo that cleans gently.

Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for a hydrating body lotion that soothes and smoothes the skin.

Peppermint Oil and Bamboo powders for a whitening toothpaste that freshens and brightens your smile.

The JĀSÖN® team meticulously created body loving products - at first just for their own family and friends - staying true to the JĀSÖN® Code of Honor:

  • Select safe, gentle and effective ingredients
  • Rigorously test every formula to ensure safety and efficacy
  • Never test on animals
  • Constantly innovate and improve

As one generation has given way to the next, JĀSÖN® products have remained on the path forged by the brand’s founders, committed to discovering even more ways to offer personal care solutions safer for us, our families and our planet.


Lavander Deodorant Stick

$ 11.06 VAT included

Enriched with Lavender Oil, Vit. E, shea butter, cornstarch (certified organic), it offers a delicate freshness.


Lavender Balm

$ 18.98 VAT included

Enriched with jojoba and primrose; It does not contain lauryl / lauryl sulphates or based preservatives parabens; Super-formula


Lavender Shampoo

$ 18.98 VAT included

It does not contain lauryl / lauryl sulfate or paraben-based preservatives.