Bioherbalogic Natur
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Natur working methodically, research and passion to offer a full range of natural products. Through an exclusive formulation and scientifically tested our products ensure the '* * optimal absorption and maximum bioavailability of the individual components.
Few other products on the market can provide such high performance in the assimilation of the principles attivi.La our range of supplements is achieved with unique manufacturing processes that make them suitable also for those people who are particularly sensitive or have allergies or intolerances to food . The addition of dyes, sweeteners and artificial flavors unnecessary is avoided where possible.
Natur supplements are a key ally within each integrated program of prevention, recovery and support the well-being of the person.
In particular, the line Natur PNEI (Psiconeuroendocrinoimmunology), developed in collaboration with Dr. Paolo Lissoni, supports the new biomedical science that interprets the approach pathogenic disease, overcoming the separation of organic causes and psychological causes.


AD Support

$ 20.05 VAT included

The Siberian ginseng is useful for its tonic action and adaptogenic.


Aloe Vera Balm

$ 18.93 VAT included

Fortified with herbal extracts and Vit. A, C and E; leaves hair silky and less frizzy.


Aloe Vera Body Wash

$ 25.28 VAT included

It does not contain lauryl / laurylether solfates. Concentrated and moisturizer with natural ingredients.