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The brand Rush Pharma offers a line of nutraceutical formulations for health and well-being, beauty and sports baseerbale, using natural sweeteners and flavorings and cross-training support across the prescrittrice class through a calendar of seminars and dedicated workshops. The formulations exploit the use of innovative materials with patent coverage, including iron "gentle", steviol glycosides and cellulose-derived capsules. The advantages of the line are certified compatible with ethical and vegan diet and gluten free, as well as having replaced aromas of synthesis with natural flavors. Researched and designed by professional targeted integration and supply, the formulations Rush Pharma provide supplementation to 360 degrees: from the daily anti-aging wellness, from body care to improve the performance of the products sportive.L'efficacia is guaranteed by professionals working in Rush Pharma, but also from excellent raw materials, whose production follows the highest quality standards, in compliance with international certifications and the Made in Italy. The Rush Pharma products are all reported to the Ministry of Health and comply with current regulations and Communitarian Italian health protection and correct information of the citizens.



$ 27.73 VAT included

Food supplement containing Vitamins, Minerals and MSM. Copper and Vitamin C formulated for hair health, skin and nails and for the protection of cells from oxidative stress. SUITABLE FOR VEGAN. GLUTEN FREE.



$ 28.07 VAT included

Supplement containing L-Carnitine 800 mg in one single dose, 100% Made in ITALY. Glutenfree and Vegan.


Cellulite Resolve

$ 31.44 VAT included

Food supplement based on Centella and Bromelain from pineapple stem extract, formulated for cellulite and heavy legs. Glutenfree and Vegan. 100% Made in ITALY.


Devil's Claw

$ 19.87 VAT included

Food supplement based on devil's claw (Harpagophytum procumbens DC). The root of Devil's claw supports joint function. Glutenfree and Vegan. 100% Made in ITALY.



$ 32.56 VAT included

Food supplement based on extracts of leaves of green tea, extract of seeds of green coffee and bromelain from pineapple stem extract, Chromium and Carnitine. Antioxidant, supports the balance of the body weight, the drainage of fluids. SUITABLE FOR VEGAN, GLUTEN



$ 25.49 VAT included

OMEGA3 is a food supplement based on OMEGA 3 (EPA-DHA) titrated fish oil.Taking 250 mg of DHA per day will support normal brain functions and visual abilities.Glutenfree.



$ 20.21 VAT included

The extract of Rhodiola rosea root (Rhodiola rosea L.) has adaptogenic and tonic action useful in case of physical and mental fatigue. It maintains normal mood. Glutenfree e Vegan. 100% Made in ITALY.