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Profit for the physiological functions of the body cleansing.

Profit for the physiological functions of the body cleansing. It gives comfort to the skin, protecting it from dirt and improves color and vitality.

Dandelion: It makes the internal organs clean and clear. This purifying action of the blood and the properties of cleansing the liver helps to remove also the problems of the skin, in particular acne.
Burdock: It has diuretic, diaphoretic, draining and cholagogue. Useful for oily, asphyxiated, with points blacks and predisposed to acne or seborrhea.
Chicory: It promotes the secretion of bile and diuresis resulting in a cleansing and detoxifying general as reflected in the appearance of the skin purifying.
Birch: It has beneficial effect on skin and hair. Useful in cases of dermatitis, skin dull or congested, eczema and psoriasis.
Nettle: Rich in vitamins A, C and K, which make remineralizing, restorative and invigorating. It has a soothing effect, by which is used in the treatment of chronic diseases of the skin, especially in case of eczema, rashes and acne, cleans, regenerates and makes the skin more beautiful.
Sarsaparilla: Used in many skin diseases. Combines detoxifying and cleansing that give wellness skin, liver and gut, useful for skin migliopre. Excellent both presenters rashes age-related development, and for the other hormonal changes.
Artichoke: Purifying and refreshing, eliminate excess toxins, making the skin radiant. Rich in vitamins that protect and help prevent the formation of excess sebum; fights pimples and oily skin.
Frangula: Purifying and detergent.
Licorice: It has soothing and refreshing effect on inflamed or irritated skin. Eliminates impurities leaving skin radiant. Useful against skin aging.
Bearberry: Invigorating and rebalancing for oily skin. Suitable for combating and preventing the onset of skin spots skin due to various factors such as excessive sun exposure, age, pregnancy, acne.
Melissa: It has antiseptic activity, fights the formation of skin fungus and has antiviral properties., And tonic. And 'stimulating, purifying and decongestant skin.
Viola Tricolor: Adjusts the hydration process of the skin by increasing the production of hyaluronic acid. It stimulates the natural processes of hydration of the skin, making it toned, supple, soft and with a real aspect of health.
Helichrysum: Purifying, antioxidant and skin restoring, it allows you to treat scars, acne and other skin problems preventing aging.
Elder: Known for its astringent, softening and soothing properties of pimples and sunburn.
Calendula: Reduces inflammation and cure damaged tissues or irritated. Useful in case of dry skin and delicate, chapped, which redden.
Horehound: Antioxidant and protective; useful for skin abrasions, pimples, crusts.

Ingredients: aqueous extract compound (D / E = 1: 1), dandelion root, burdock root, chicory root, birch leaves, nettle plant, Sarsaparilla root, artichoke leaves, Buckthorn bark, licorice root, bearberry leaves, lemon balm leaves, Purple tricolor grass flourished, Helichrysum flowering herb, elder flowers, Calendula chapter, White Horehound grass flourished. Coloring: caramel. Aroma: licorice. Acidity regulator: citric acid
Directions for use: For a correct use we recommend taking 15 to 45ml of product (equal to 1-3 scoops) per day, diluted in 1.5 liters of water.
Packaging: 500 ml bottle

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