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é-Total Depure

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Purifying Function
Useful for the physiological purifying function of the body and  the natural digestive process

Artichoke: It favors the elimination of urea, the excess cholesterol and uric acid.
Boldo: It stimulates the secretion of bile thus promoting digestion. Also, it helps in the removal of gallstones due to its choleretic action.
Milk Thistle: It improves the function of the gall bladder, increasing the rate of gastric emptying, accelerating and improving digestion.
Ortosiphon: Antiseptic, disinfectant and diuretic. Reduces water retention consequently the perception of swelling decreases.
Dandelion: It facilitates and improves digestion by increasing the secretion of digestive glands and stimulating the production of saliva and gastric juices and pancreatic.
Desmodium: Equipped with hepatoprotective properties; a good liver function improves digestion and to avoid those symptoms related to metabolic problems, nausea, postprandial heaviness, headaches.
Licorice: Antispasmodic and adjuvant digestive processes, for heartburn and gastritis.
Rhubarb: Used as an adjunct in the treatment of intestinal infections, it is in fact effective in 'eliminate infectious agents and regularize the mucosa gastica.
Frangula: Contains frangulina, essentially sovereign in the care of chronic constipation.
Sage: It has a toning effect and empowering of the entire digestive tract, including the stomach.
Melissa: To relax the walls of the stomach and digest more effectively, especially when digestion is disturbed by states of tension or nervousness (stomach cramps).
Mint: It has a mild analgesic and antispasmodic effect on the digestive system. Useful in cases of stomach pains, bloating, colic, irritable bowel.
Gentian: It has properties stomachic, stimulating tonic, and vermifuge antifermentetive.
Star anise: Powerful laxative. It stimulates digestion, eliminates puffiness and has an antiseptic effect on the digestive tract. It has a relaxing effect and antispasmodic.
Black radish: He stimulating the formation and flow of bile. It has a toning effect on the intestine and gall bladder, and is recommended in cases of difficulty in digesting fat accompanied by constipation.
Acrimony: It has anti-inflammatory, astringent, healing, diuretic.

Ingredients: aqueous extract compound (D / E = 1: 1), Artichoke leaves, Boldo leaves, milk thistle fruit, Ortosiphon leaves, dandelion root, Desmodium leaf, Licorice root, rhubarb rhizome, Buckthorn bark, sage leaves, Melissa leaf, mint leaf, gentian root, star anise fruits, black radish root, Acrimonia top, sweet orange pericarp. Coloring: caramel.
Directions for use: For a correct use we recommend taking 15 to 60 ml of product (equal to 1-4 scoops) per day, diluted in 1.5 liters of water.

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