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Cardiovascular system

It contributes to the physiological cardiovascular activity and to stabilize blood pressure.

Olivo: It helps the circulation, regulates blood pressure and therefore is beneficial to the heart and cardiovascular system. The olive leaves, thanks to its hypoglycemic, help to reduce fat and sugar in the blood, holding off cholesterol. They also play a stimulating action very similar to that of caffeine, thus reducing drowsiness and fatigue. Also important is the diuretic and detoxifying the leaves that help the body to keep clean and regenerated. Thanks to their content of polyphenols, the olive leaves are among the most powerful natural antioxidants and in general, are able to improve physical and mental condition, especially during the dreaded seasonal changes. They giovano finally also to the immune system because they contain acid elenolic, antiviral and antifungal.
Melissa: Considered a rebalancing of the nervous system tonic properties and relaxing. The physician Avicenna already in the eleventh century attributed to the species "the wonderful properties of cheer and comfort the heart."
Hawthorn: It 'the sole of heart par excellence: regulates heart rate, improves coronary circulation and nutrition of the heart muscle. It 'a ipotensore, a cardiotonic, an antispasmodic that is designed to calm the palpitations, decrease stress and improve sleep due to flavonoids (plant sterols and triterpene) contained in the plant.

Ingredients: A base compound aqueous extract (D / E = 1: 1), Olive leaves, lemon balm leaves, hawthorn flowers and leaves. Coloring: caramel. Aroma: licorice. Acidity regulator: citric acid.
Directions for use: For a correct use we recommend taking 15 to 45 ml of product (equal to 1-3 scoops) per day, diluted in 1.5 liters of water (even hot).
Packaging: 500 ml bottle

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