Bioherbalogic Klamath Green Blue

Klamath Green Blue

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The Klamath algae is an aquatic plant belonging to the family cyanophytes. The cyanophytes are unicellular plant species that grow naturally wherever there is moisture and sunlight. The Klamath grows wild in a unique ecosystem, made up of mineral-rich water, clean air and bright sunlight. This ecosystem is the pristine Upper Klamath Lake (Oregon), one of the few remaining alkaline lakes. The Upper Klamath Lake is located at about 1300 m high in the region called Ring of Fire, away from large cities that could pollute the air and water, and is completely surrounded by the Cascade Mountains. The surprisingly high concentration of minerals that are found in the waters of the lake is due to massive volcanic eruptions that occurred around 7,000 years ago and who covered the surrounding area with millions of tons of ash very rich in minerals. The primitive species like cyanophytes have a photosynthetic capacity much more developed than the other plant forms. The Klamath uses light energy from the sun, carbon dioxide of the air and the hydrogen water to synthesize proteins, carbohydrates and lipids; only it grows in the wild and it is, from the point of view of content, much higher than other cyanophytes: is' the "PERFECT FOOD DELLANATURA". The cell of the Klamath, despite its size, (hundreds of times smaller than the cells of other species of the animal or plant kingdoms), has a content of micro-nutrients higher than any other food known up to now (over 60 micronutrients) . Over the past 20 years it has appreciated the nutritional power of this alga that has been used for many centuries as a food source by the indigenous people. Studies have shown that it is important not only what you eat but also how the body is able to absorb and assimilate. The Klamath has a cell wall so soft and extremely thin that is easily digested and absorbed quickly. The assimilation of vital nutrients present in the algae in their most helpful comes to 97%. The more than 60 micro-nutrients in Klamath are perfectly combined with each other and work together to deliver real benefits. These benefits are also directly related to the care and attention that are then placed in the collection is that in the processing of seaweed that begins with the careful selection of seaweed, in a part of the lake called Eagle Ring. The crop is then worked extremely quickly to keep intact as much as possible the nutritional seaweed.

Suitable for: Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten, Pregnancy.

Vital energy and physical
Sports & Energy
Support Immune
Eating Disorders
Weight Shape
Support the Cardiovascular System



• 65% of high quality protein

• The profile of essential amino acids is virtually identical to that considered ideal for the human body
• spectrum of minerals and trace elements in organic form most assimilable
• Spectrum vitamin complete and balanced
• Most vegetable source of B12
• High in beta-carotene easily assimilated
• Rich precursors of neuropeptides
• Source of essential fatty acids and nucleic
• Very high percentage of chlorophyll
• All nutrients are equivalent to 97%
• Presence of phycocyanins (or fucocianine) (15% of the dry weight) that constitute a molecule extremely interesting to both preventive and therapeutic purposes in all the problems that it involves, as causal factors determinants, a wide range of oxidative and inflammatory processes.

CHLOROPHYLL: The Klamath contains more chlorophyll (3%) than any other natural food (1.15% spirulina, chlorella 2.8%). Chlorophyll has a structure very similar to
the hemoglobin that carries oxygen in the blood. Chlorophyll detoxifies the body not only from toxic substances and the dross that are produced in metabolic reactions, but also protects against environmental pollutants with which we meet every day.

Proteins and amino acids: the Klamath contains from 59% to 65% protein (depending on the season of harvest) on total dry weight. All the amino acids are present, even in a free form, and the proportion of the 8 essential is that considered optimal for the human organism. The free form amino acids are assimilated easily by the body and are the precursors of neuropeptides, the real engines of brain and neurological in general.

ENZYMES: are the "spark" of life because they are involved in all metabolic reactions. Enzymes are essential in the digestive process, without them, the nutrients
They could not be absorbed and utilized by the body. Enzymes are contained only in raw foods and the Klamath is the food that contains the greatest number.

Phycocyanin: the Klamath is an excellent source of phycocyanin which is a pigment blue, similar to chlorophyll, which protects the body from the action of various substances
toxic found in food, air and water. Recent studies have shown that the phycocyanin is a powerful antioxidant (even 40 times more potent than vitamins C and E) and supports the function of the joints.

CAROTENOIDS: rich in antioxidant pigments, the Klamath has the highest content of beta-carotene of all known foods and fit perfectly assimilated
precisely because this in the two cis and trans forms in a balanced manner. This kit antioxidant is enriched by numerous other carotenoids, including alpha and gamma-carotene.

MINERALS: Minerals, especially trace minerals, they are hardly present in the modern diet and without them the vitamins can not be used. The Klamath contains all the minerals essential for the proper metabolism in a chelated form easily assimilated. The presence of minerals may influence the state of good health while their absence can lead to the onset of serious disorders.

VITAMINS: Klamath contains the full spectrum of vitamins (unlike spirulina), with the exception of vitamin D. Vitamins are organic compounds required in small amounts but essential to life. The vitamins contained in Klamath are absorbed by the body as much as 97% compared to 5-25% of synthetic vitamins.

ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS: the cell membrane of the Klamath is one of the richest sources of Omega 3 and Omega 6, in the proportion deemed ideal by nutritionists (2: 1). In particular, it is the highest source of gamma linolenic acid or GLA (10% of the dry weight).



Daily dose (1 capsule)

Klamath Algae 500 mg

Daily dose (4 capsules)
Klamath Algae 2000 mg

Powder of Klamath Algae (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae), capsule (HPMC, water, sorbitol from tapioca, silicon dioxide).

It contains no dairy, lactose, sucrose, wheat, dyes, preservatives, artificial flavors.

Recommended intake:
Start with 1 capsule in the morning and gradually increase up to 2.4 capsules per day.

No known the recommended doses.

Ideal combination:

 Klamath Blue Green Algae

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