Bioherbalogic White Clay

White Clay

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100% Natural

The white clay is formed largely of aluminum and silicon. As well as many cosmetic uses, the white clay is one of the natural remedies prince against bloating. As well as the green clay, white clay can be taken for outdoor or indoor. In the first case, it serves mainly to create beauty masks, cleansing of the skin and for fortifying the hair. But it can also help to combat dehydration and cracking. Internal use of clay is used in particular as a bactericide, because expels toxins, is a gastric protector, protects the mucous membranes and also has anti-inflammatory value.


White clay: internal use
The white clay for internal use is prepared in the evening for drinking the next morning. In a glass glass of water is dissolved a teaspoon of white clay and mixed it all. The spoon should not be made of metal or plastic, works if you have one of those glass ornaments for the amalgam of cocktail, otherwise it is better to use a finger, of course clean.
The morning should be drunk the mixture left to rest all night: it can alternatively drink only water or also the clay deposit formed with the hours. If you suffer from stomach acid mixture should be drunk all at once and not prepared the night for the next day.

White clay: external use
In a glass container, the white clay should be mixed with water and essential oils at will. Everything should be amalgamated to obtain a cream not too soft or watery. It puts the mixture on the affected area - skin, hair, and so on - and will leave for a time varying from half an hour to several hours, depending on the problem you're trying to solve.
Better to cover the pack with the plastic wrap. At the end of treatment rinse with plenty of water and in some cases remove the remains very strong with olive oil.

Stir the mixture with hot water, so as to obtain a very dense. Apply to face and neck with the exception of eyes and lips. Leave for 15-20 minutes, rinse with warm water and dry gently.

Store in a dry place away from sunlight.

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